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All Security Vendors currently use proprietary workstations to operate their equipment.  In Aviation Security, having multiple proprietary workstations at Airports drives up cost due to such things as training costs, additional operator workstations, as well as supervisor workstations.  In addition, it is extremely difficult for 3rd party software developers to have their software installed, tested, and deployed on Security Vendor workstations.  It would be of benefit to have one standard workstation that used one interface to operate all equipment.  This would reduce costs, improve cross-training, reduce cost of new equipment purchases, and allow 3rd party vendors to develop new applications.

The Solution:  The Common Workstation (CW)

The CW is an open platform security screening workstation designed to allow security equipment vendors to use only one Workstation for all Security Imaging Equipment. The system is designed to be used by security screeners, managers, or remote image analysis. With the Common Workstation, all image-based security equipment, including transmission X-ray, Computed Tomography, whole body imaging, multi-view X-ray as well as cargo scanning can all use one common interface.   In addition, the platform is open architecture, based on DICOS, and is specifically designed to allow 3rd party vendors to easily develop new applications to enhance the checkpoint.


  • Vendor independent standard display and interface
  • Seamless connection to all imaging security systems
  • Designed for both the screener and supervisors
  • Local or remote operation
  • Configurable for Common Workstation-to-multiple-Security Imaging Systems or Common Workstation to Common Workstation Operation


  • One interface simplifies operations
  • Reduces operational and training costs
  • Use “best-in-class” for Imaging, TIP, Automated Detection, etc.
  • Open architecture gives you more choices from 3rd party vendors
  • Improves supervision of operations
  • Speeds “bag-check” procedures at the checkpoint, checked bags, and cargo
  • Enables remote access for experts on difficult images
  • Open architecture allows rapid development and deployment of vendor and 3rd party algorithms

Who Should Be Interested in the Common Workstation (CW)?

If you are interested in lowering your overall costs, while improving the performance of your screening equipment, then you should look further into the CW product line. In addition, if you are 3rd party developer, and interested in developing products that can be deployed without working through the large security vendors, then we encourage you to look further into this product.

For more information on the CW, contact us.

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