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Performance of security screening varies by such things as amount of clutter in the bag, the activity at the checkpoint, as well as the ability of the person screening the objects.   It would be of benefit if these screeners had access to experts to review questionable images. If experts were available when there are questionable items in the object being scanned, the screener could be more effective by consulting with and getting feedback from remote experts.

The Solution:  TeleInspection by Expert-on-Demand

The TSS Teleinspection capability provides remote experts-on-demand for screener assistance, or for expert review of particularly challenging images. The operator or automated screening software has the ability to send the image out for a separate review, or for feedback on the image.  The operation can be used to make the decision, or to assist the operator in the decision whether manual or automated screening is required.

Diagrammatic Representation of the Local Screener Workstation Decision Process

Local Screener Workstation


  • TSS proprietary and patent pending technology
  • Remote experts located anywhere in the world available 24 hrs/ day provide immediate oversight of difficult bags
  • Access to passenger information database to provide enhanced decision making
  • Review of images by experts lowers false alarm rates without missing potential threats
  • Audio and Video communication between the local screener and remote experts
  • Remote 3-D Electronic Unpacking reduces personnel costs
  • Distributed experts throughout the world saves operational 


  • Improves detection performance by providing expert advice on difficult bags and bag images
  • Reduce chance that a threat is missed
  • Off-load analysis of challenging bags, and thus increase throughput of  local screening
  • Reduced operator fatigue by sharing the load, and a more consistent decisions on potential threats,
  • Double-check questionable threats resulting in improved checkpoint security

Who Would benefit using Teleinspection

Security Screeners and Supervisors can benefit from the use of TSS Teleinspection. The use of Teleinspection ensures that highly trained experts review the more difficult and challenging bags. This decrease the work load on the screener, while improving the overall security of the checkpoint.   When new threats are found, this new threat can be detected quickly by leveraging and training the experts, and then having general screeners detect any questionable items.

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