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Security Imaging Systems used to screen people, carry-on bags and checked bags take images of the objects being screened. These image are screened for threats. Computed Tomography (CT) and whole body scanning automatically analyze the images to detect these threats, and this automated capability is expected to be deployed over the next two to four years for screening of carry-on bags. The problem with all of these systems is overall performance -- accuracy is low, and false alarm rates are high. This is exacerbated by the fact that terrorists continue to use different types of explosives, so these systems must be able to capture these new threats. Lowering the alarm rate of these systems can significantly reduce the cost of screening people, checked, and carry-on bags.

The Solution: Vendor Independent Automated Target Recognition

TSS has developed the world's highest performing Automated Target Recognition software. Tested and validated at the Transportation Security Lab (TSL), this significantly reduces the false alarm rate of CT systems by up to 3X. This can effectively cut the manpower and staffing to review false alarms by 50% or more. In addition, in times of high threat alerts, the system accuracy can be increased by adjusting key threat parameters. The breakthrough is a result of more intelligent algorithms, increased computing power, and the latest video processing systems.

The ATR software is generic, and is tailored for the specific hardware. As a result, the ATR software is scanner independent, and thus works across all platforms.


  • Lowest false alarm rate in the industry. Single digit alarm rate validated at TSL.
  • Meets TSA/TSL threat detection standards for CT system
  • Designed to work with checkpoint CT as well as conventional x-ray systems
  • Vendor and equipment independent
  • Works on CT, Carry-on baggage, checked bagged, Air Cargo, Cargo Vehicle and whole body imaging
  • One interface works across all platforms
  • Algorithm parameters are adjusted to compensate for differences in type of scanner, resolution, threat types, and vendors hardware
  • Operator assist mode to highlight threats, or fully automated mode to provide first level of screening.


  • Highly accurate, meets TSL standards for CT systems
  • Lowest false alarm rate in industry means up to 3X reduction in manpower required need to resolve false alarms
  • Improves screener information, and thus performance
  • Reduces training costs, as operators use just one automated detection interface across multiple scanners

Who Would benefit using Automated Target Recognition

  • Security screeners can significantly reduce number of bags screened, thus reducing manpower requirements
  • Public benefits from higher probability of detecting threats, and higher safety while traveling
  • Checkpoint throughput can potentially be increased by higher screening rates
  • Security Equipment Vendors can reduce development cost for ATR software,
  • Security vendors can save years of testing and costs at the TSL while qualify their equipment

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