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Current X-ray Security Computed Tomography Imaging Systems automatically analyze  3D images of the bag to detect threats. These threats are resolved by trained professional screeners. Performance is high, but in cluttered bags, resolving threats can be challenging, and often requires manual screening of the bag. This process could be improved if: 1) The secondary screeners were able to eliminate clutter from the resulting 3D images, and 2) The operators could consult higher-level experts to resolve any questionable threats.

The Solution:  Electronic Unpacking

Electronic Unpacking is 3D software designed to allow security screeners to virtually unpack both cluttered and uncluttered bags. Thus benign objects can be selected, and removed from the image, resulting in more detail on potential threats. This allows the operator to virtually unpack the bag to greatly enhance the ability to detect and identify threats and to separate false alarms.

In addition, Electronic Unpacking allows operators access to remote experts. This is called TeleInspection, or remote “Expert-on-Demand”.  With this capability, when an item in a bag is questionable, security screeners can access and consult with experts that have additional training and expertise to aid in decision whether to manually screen and unpack the bag.


  • Electronically unpack 3D Computed Tomography (CT) Images
  • Clearly and automatically marks detected threats in 3-D
  • Allows user to selectively removes clutter surrounding threats, so operator can “peel away” and remove objects in image that are non-threatening
  • The only unpacking technique developed, tested, and optimized for security
  • Screeners have access to remote Expert-on-Demand service
  • One interface works across all CT systems


  • Lowers EDS alarm rate
  • Improves alarm resolution process
  • Lowers bag screening costs
  • Improves screener information, and thus performance

Who Would benefit using Electronic Unpacking

If you are responsible for Airport Security, and you want to improve screening process while lowering overall costs, then the electronic unpacking is a cost-effective way of doing this.  This solution, combined with the Common Workstation allows users to take advantage of the best-of-the-best screening tools.  No longer will you have to rely on one or multiple vendors with captive customers.  The use of the Electronic Unpacking allows improved security screening, while at the same time lowering overall costs.   

For an example of 3D Unpacking, click here.

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