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Current X-ray Security Computed Tomography Imaging Systems automatically detect threats. These threats are resolved by trained professional screeners. Performance is high, but in cluttered bags, resolving threats can be challenging, and often requires manual screening of the bag. This process could be improved if: 1) The secondary screeners were able to eliminate clutter from the resulting 3D images, and 2) The operators could consult higher-level experts to resolve any questionable threats

Electronic Unpacking - Example

Below we provide an example of the capabilities of the TSS Electronic Unpacking. This is for a bag packed similar to the Pan-AM 300 Bomb. In step 1, we show a surface rendering of the bag. The surface of the bag is removed for viewing the contents of the bag in Step 2. The operator can selectively remove items from the bag, or isolate down to one items. The cassette radio player surface rendering is shown in Step 3. The operator can then do a volume rendering, and rotate this as required to get a better idea of the contents of the bag, potential threat, etc. Alternately the operator can further reduce and isolate the analysis region.

Step 1 - a 3D rendering of the surface of the bag is displayed
Step 2 - next the surface of the bag is removed, showing the surface rendering of items in the bag

Step 3 - the operator reduces the analysis region to the item in question
Step 4 - A rotatatable 3D volume rendering is shown, clearly showing the threats (red), batteries, wires, etc.

All component of the radio are clearly depicted.
The 3-D views are shown in color with explosive-like
material rendered in red, metal in blue, and
innocuous materials in grey.


  • Electronically unpack Computed Tomography (CT) Images
  • Clearly marks detected threats in 3-D
  • Allows user to selectively removes clutter surrounding threats, so operator can “peel away” and remove objects in image that are non-threatening
  • The only unpacking technique developed, tested, and optimized for security
  • Screeners have access to remote Expert-on-Demand service
  • One interface works across all CT systems
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